A guide to the FATF Travel Rule for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers

The FATF Travel Rule is being enacted across global jurisdictions and market participants/the private sector is being challenged to design and implement solutions that meet requirements. This is no small feat given the scope of the travel rule and inherent complexities, for example:

  • Varying jurisdictional requirements

  • Staggered enforcement dates (the "sunrise issue")

  • Multiple emerging incompatiable data-transmission protocols

  • Address ownership, i.e. who owns/controls an address?

  • Know Your VASP requirements


The purpose of this site is to provide a clear and concise overview of the challenges faced, problems to be solved, and solutions being proposed. The site is intended as a factual reference point for VASPs and to assist them in planning and implementing a travel rule solution.

It is assumed the reader is familiar with the FATF Travel Rule for Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers. See FATF Travel Rule Guidance.


The site is broken down into five secions (some of which have not yet been published):


If you are a travel rule enthusiast or market participant and would like to contribute, please send an email to travelruleinfo@gmail.com.

The site will be open-sourced on GitLab as soon as it moves beyond beta.

This site is not affilated with any travel rule protocols or service providers.