Travel Rule Universal Solution Technology (TRUST)

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Blockchain based


VASP authentication method

Certificate Authority


TRUST, formerly known as the US Travel Rule Working Group (USTRWG), was founded by a group of US-based VASPs to implement and comply with the Travel Rule. It has recently been expanded to include non-US VASPs to solve the broader FATF Travel Rule. TRUST is a solution used to identify transaction counterparties and securely transmit information between members.

Registration & set-up process

Transfer workflow(s)

veriscope data share
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title TRUST workflow

oVASP->bulletinBoard:Broadcast eligible transaction
bVASP->bulletinBoard:Query eligible transactions
bVASP->bulletinBoard:Query oVASP ID
bVASP->oVASP:Claim address / transaction
oVASP->bulletinBoard:Query bVASP ID
oVASP->bVASP:Post encrypted PII
bVASP->bVASP:Decrypt PII and risk checks

For more information, refer to the Travel Rule Technical Solution documented here: USTRWG Travel Rule Solution White Paper Version 1.0

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